Thursday, March 22, 2012

Why, Hello There.

There just aren't enough food blogs out there.

Wait, no. That other thing, the opposite.

So why this one? Hard to say - it's mostly for me. But I hope others will find it's for them as well!

I'm Becka. I'm a dietetics student who's passionate about food - cooking, eating, sharing, feeding, growing. I eat healthfully, though not everything I eat (or post here) is straight from the Dietitian's Handbook. And, truth be told, I cleaned out a jar of Nutella with alarming thoroughness as I was starting this blog today.* I intend to write almost exclusively about food here - from recipes and restaurant reviews to policy news, to the garden I hope to find blooming in my yard each year. I hope to share things I learn here, and by sharing, learn more. I hope that having an outlet to discuss the things that matter most to me will encourage me to pay closer attention to them, think more deeply about them, and when applicable, taste them more fully.

Why "Such Splendid Satiety"? Two things I like: the word "satiety," and alliteration.

* It was almost empty when I started. I swear.

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  1. I didn't tell anyone when I started mine either. Our blogging motives are quite similar. I, like you, blog for me. In addition to it being a major time suck, you may find that publishing original articles (that hardly anyone reads) is (for no particular reason) rewarding, when you have the time to do so.