Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Simple Sunday Dinner

It's been a few days since I took this photo, but I can tell it was from Sunday night, because in another photo (that turned out poorly), my place setting is sporting a glass of wine. I've decided that until further notice, starting at January 1st, I'm having only one drink per week. I'm not really expecting to see any weight loss from it, because I'm happy to say that I  did not previously consume, say, 3500 calories worth of booze per week. But it's a bit of an indulgent vice, and maybe I'll build a touch of character by cutting back on it.

There's been a perfectly drinkable bottle of wine in our fridge, open, for two weeks. I'm not sure this has happened before.

Black Beans and Squash

This is another staple in our household, fairly easy to throw together (once you're done fighting with the squash), hearty and satisfying. There's not a whole lot to the recipe here. This is about a pound worth of butternut squash cubed, a can of black beans drained, a chopped onion, all cooked together with some toasted cumin and some sort of stock base (I'm not sure which one Keith used). It pairs beautifully with some spicy, creamy polenta, and a sprinkling of cheddar and green onions. Oh! I forgot, since you can't see it here, but Keith topped each serving with one fried egg as well. What a wonderful meal - without having to stack the plate sky-high, we were both full and satisfied til the next morning. Perfect.

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